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Seaech Engine optimization tips for your website in 2016

Search engine optimization is one of the vital ways of achieving your goals to connect with your clients on the online platform. Indeed, the concept allows you to drive quality traffic to your site and get brand visibility. To achieve this, you must consider the following tips:

Choose a primary topic

While you may have a lot of information to offer to your potential or existing clients, you must carefully consider the most essential message that you want to pass through your site.

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The keywords must be placed strategically

You should mention the keywords in the title, domain name, the content and the taglines among other crucial places.

Eliminate things that slow your site down

Load times will affect the users’ experience and thus, ensure that all the elements that slow your site down are eliminated. It may be inclusive of music players or plug-ins.

Use quality links

For effective search engine optimization, you must research on and use quality links in your site.

Keep updating the content

You are likely to get more traffic if the users find fresh content every time they visit your site. Therefore, find time to come up with interesting content for your users.

Confirm whether your site is indexed in the search engines

While the indexing is done automatically by the search engines, you must still confirm.  You can add it directly if it is not in the indexes.

Don’t change the domain name

Regardless of how long it takes to get well ranked, do not change the domain name. This is because old domain names likely to be ranked well than the new ones.

Use videos

To keep your audience engaged, consider posting numerous videos in your website.

Consider mobile optimization

One of the vital elements of search engine optimization is to come up with a mobile friendly site. You must remember that many people in Kenya opt to use their mobile devices to browse.

Incorporate a voice search function

You should consider the fact that some people will want to access your site while driving. Others have no capacity to read the content because of visual disabilities. It is, therefore, important to include a voice search function for such an audience.

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Don’t forget the social media

Sharing your content on the social media platform will attract links from other sites. It is also a ranking signal for your site

Keep researching on the keywords

Never forget to go through the search engine analytics to find information on the upgraded keywords.

Ultimately, proper search engine optimization will allow you to achieve your goals and objectives as an organization, business or company. If you are stuck in the process, engage the professionals in the field.


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