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There is no more appropriate time to engage in mobile apps development. Thanks to open source frameworks, it will not cost a developer a lot of money to come up with incredible apps. In fact, prior knowledge on mobile apps development may not be required in some instances. Here are some of the open source frameworks that you must try in 2016:

  • Ionic

The framework helps a developer to build mobile apps with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. The apps developed are native-like. Still, the Ui interactions and designs are amazing while various angular JS extensions are offered.

  • Sencha touch

This mobile apps resource enables mobile app developers to create products for various platforms including android, blackberry and IOS. It is credited for its ability to create a native look and feel in all the platforms.

  • Appium

The framework aids in automation of native, hybrid applications and mobile web apps on android and IOS platforms.

  • Mobile angular UI

This is a HTML 5 framework that utilizes angular Js and bootstrap 3 to create mobile apps. The bootstrap 3 comes with mobile features such as switches, sidebars, and overlays while angular JS has modules such as angular touch, angular animate and angular route. Moreover, one does not need jQuery dependencies; with a few angular JS directives, apps developers can create apps with amazing user experiences.

  • Sculpt

The framework is lightweight, responsive to HTML, SASS and CSS. It caters for devices that have small screen sizes as well as big screen sizes.

  • Helios

The open source framework offers essential services for iOS apps. Such include data synchronization and notifications to passbook integration. Mobile app developers utilizing the framework will, therefore, offer client-server apps that run within a few minutes, ensuring that functionality is seamless.

  • Apache Flex

This is a highly productive framework that helps build and maintain applications deploying on different browsers and devices. Modern language and programming models are utilized to support typical design patterns for mobile app developers. As such, developers from different backgrounds can utilize the framework and reap the fruits in the ultimate.

  • Mo sync

The framework is developed by Mobile Sorcery. It offers free and simple development kit to help mobile app developers to create a flurry of apps that can be used across various platforms.  Further, the developers can create native apps by using JavaScript and HTML 5. It also supports android, IOS and window phones.

Certainly, mobile app developers have enough options to create products that are functional and exciting in 2016.

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