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mobile app developers in kenya

The greatest desire for upcoming mobile app developers in Kenya is to create products that take off within a short time. Indeed, users have become more knowledgeable of the elements that make up a functional app.  A developer must, therefore, be equipped with skills and tips to help them create incredible apps. The most important tips are:

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Ease of use is critical

Much as many Kenyan consumers possess Smartphone and tablet devices, they may not have been exposed to technical terms in their life.  As such, mobile app developers should ensure that their products are so simple that even a person who is using Smartphone device for the first time and has no technical skills whatsoever can navigate and be thrilled by an app. Only then will the developers’ sales sky rocket.

To test whether an app is easy to use, developers can test their product with a consumer who has no background in technical terms. If the user finds the product intuitive, can use all the buttons without hiccups, and continues to use the app without expressing frustrations, then the app is good for the Kenyan market.

Understand the users’ motivations

Developers must not create apps that they perceive to be good for the users. Instead, they should aim at offering products that users will appreciate. To achieve this, they must research on the things that motivate users to find apps in the market and thus create products that enhance user experience.

Think offline

Undeniably, some apps users may not always access Wi-Fi or another signal on their day to day basis. Many mobile app developers do not think about such an aspect and as such, a developer will get more positive response if they create apps that are usable when the consumer is offline.

Cover a range of platforms

Mobile app developers must consider the fact that users will access apps using different devices and platforms.  The apps should, therefore, be functional, attractive and available in all devices. At the same time, an app’s design should match the preferred operating systems.

Think about the real world

Most of the mobile app users want to be in touch with the reality at all times. Hence, mobile app developers must not go too far from the reality. Instead, they need to research on a subject before creating an app. In so doing, users will have an incredible experience and will refer a developer to their friends.

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